Customers Spoilt for Choice by Local Spring Water Supplier

Filtered water coolersBrisbane spring water customers who are looking for coolers would find that there are many types available today, and they would find it easy to choose something that looks attractive, fits perfectly in the available space and meets their need for clean, cooled water. The choices start from small bench top models when the need to save space is paramount. There is also an average-sized dispenser similar to those offered as a free service at the doctor or dentist, as well as mains connected filtration systems. Even the humble bubbler has been enhanced and improved and is available for installation at predominately industrial and educational premises. Continue reading

How Drinking Spring Water Can Help You Lose Weight

Woman on a diet holding belly fatDrinking spring water should  be a priority if you want to stay healthy or establish healthier eating or drinking habits. It is extremely important not to overlook the multiple benefits drinking bottled spring water can have on your body. Not only does spring water play a large role in rehydrating the body, it can also aid in weight loss.

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What’s in Brisbane Tap Water?

Filling a glass with tap water

Where does water come from? The water cycle is a familiar concept to most people but the process after the water cycle that sees water magically appear in household taps is slightly more confusing. When you turn the faucet or lift the nozzle on a tap a whole string of actions come into play that few people are actually aware of. Continue reading

Is Spring Water Really Good for Your Skin?

Woman holding a glass of waterAll Australians should know that in order to stay healthy and hydrated, you need to consume a reasonable amount of water on a daily basis. Aside from helping with digestion, weight loss and temperature control, drinking bottled spring water also has many positive benefits when it comes to keeping your skin healthy and here’s why:

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Which Water Is Best for You?

Filling tap water in a glassMost of us know how important it is to drink plenty of water each day, but most aren’t aware exactly which type of water we should be drinking. There are many opinions when it comes to bottled water, tap water and filtered water in terms of personal preference. Although it is handy to fill up a water bottle with tap water throughout the day, you could be consuming small amounts of heavy metals with every sip. Opting for bottled spring water instead of tap water or filtered water is a smarter choice and here’s why:

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Why Water Is Important for Your Health

Soccer team drinking waterWith the large number of media articles, case studies and TV specials dedicated to the subject of healthy food alternatives, most Australians are well educated about how to eat properly, but do they know how to drink properly? The recommended two litres of water per day is not just an old wives’ tale; drinking plenty of fresh water daily not only keeps you hydrated but also helps to ward off a number of health problems.

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The Benefits of Natural Spring Water

Little boy drinking from a water bottleNatural spring water has many widely acknowledged benefits – from the therapeutic properties of hot springs for bathing to the detoxifying benefits of drinking bottled spring water instead of tap water.

Why Is Natural Spring Water Good for Your Health?

Springs occur naturally in many different parts of the world, but have a number of characteristics in common – such as the presence of vital minerals that can have medicinal effects on various parts of the body.

Natural spring water can have healing benefits for a range of conditions, depending on its composition. With the presence of trace minerals such as carbon dioxide, calcium, lithium and magnesium in spring water, there are therapeutic benefits on different organs, while sulphuric spring water can also aid the healing of skin diseases, including psoriasis and fungal infections. Continue reading