Our Spring Water

Ever wondered how water gets into the bottle and then to your spring water cooler? Pacific Springs is a family owned business, specialising in bottled natural spring water, water coolers and water filtration systems for both your home or business. This is the story of our spring water.

We source our spring water from beautiful Bilambil, which is just over the border of NSW. The spring water is sourced from 60 metres below the surface through virtually solid rock. It is pumped up into a holding tank, and then filtered down to 0.1 micron prior to being transported to our factory. Everything we use from our pumps to the end product is all stainless steel.

There are 3 stages of filtration in our process at our factory – 0.1 micron, 0.45 micron and the end result being 0.02 micron = Absolute), one of the finest filtration systems available. Our bottling machine has new age technology (2005 Model); it washes, sterilises and flushes. Not too many other machines in Australia do this, only the elite few. Some of our opposition’s machines are 10 – 20 years old, obviously not providing the 3 stage process i.e. washing,sterilizing and flushing. Also to guarantee the purest product, our water is passed through UV Steralisation before being bottled.

We believe with the technology we have, our end product is one of the purest Spring Water available.

Our friendly team at Pacific Springs will be happy to assist with any of your water requirements. Please call us on 1800 292 837 or visit our website for more information.

Leaf touching spring water