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Ever wondered how our spring water gets into the bottle and then to your spring water cooler? Pacific Springs is a family owned business, specialising in bottled natural spring water, water coolers and water filtration systems for both your home or business.

At Pacific Springs Spring Water we take pride in providing the highest quality spring water that is safe and free of contaminants and impurities, leaving only the natural mineral and trace elements. Providing pure, refreshing, great-tasting spring water is a complex process – Here’s our method of spring water production which maintains the original taste characteristics and guarantees the very highest quality spring water ready for consumption.

Pumped and Stored from the Source

The Natural Spring Water is pumped from the natural underground Volcanic rock formations in Bilambil NSW, into 4 holding tanks approximately holding in total more than 100,000 litres. This Spring water is constantly replenished from the underground spring.

Spring Water Filtration

From the holding tanks the Spring Water then commences its filtration process which removes any of the contaminants / sediment that may exist. Our spring water has been measured at 90ppm (parts per million) which is a very low TDS which is the reason our water gives a sweet, clean, pure and fresh taste.

First set of 5 x 40 inch filters are Coconut Carbon Shells  which have emerged as one of the best forms of activated carbon for water filtration needs. Compared to the other types of activated carbon, the coconut shell charcoal has more surface area and higher density of micro-pores. It has higher porosity than most of the popular activated carbons.  Coconut Carbon shells remove metals, chlorine and compounds that may exist naturally in spring water. The next step of filtration is 5 x 40inch pleated 0.45 micron filters and the final set of filters 5 x 40inch pleated 0.2 Absolute.

Bacterial Removal

Once filtered a UV (Ultra Violet) treatment sterilizes the water. Finally the water is given an Silver Ion Treatment. This treatment ensures any and all bacteria is removed from the spring water..

Bottling Process

After we complete our water treatment process we then commence the bottling process at our three main production lines. One line produces our 15L Returnable bottles. One produces 11L Bag in a box and the other produces our 600ml Pouch range. All of our returned 15L bottles are washed and sterilised prior to filling.

Spring Water Delivery

Once the bottles have been filled, packed into crates, each truck is loaded for water delivery to homes, retail outlets and work places through out South East QLD.

We believe with the technology we have, our end product is one of the purest Spring Waters available.

Our friendly team at Pacific Springs will be happy to assist with any of your water requirements. Please call us on 1800 292 837 or visit our website for more information.