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Pure Water for Your Family, Your Home and Your Workplace

Whatever your reasons for choosing spring or filtered drinking water for your home or workplace, Pacific Springs has a wide range of options to suit your needs.

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Spring Water Coolers

Spring Water Coolers

Order your spring water cooler today and receive 4 free bottles* to get you started

Filtered Water Coolers

Filtered Water Systems

Connect your water filter to your water mains or fill it from the tap for pure drinking water

Filtered Water Coolers

Spring Water Accessories

Keep you office or home space tidy with these useful spring water accessories

Your Water. Your Health. Your Choice!

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Staying hydrated is very important to our health. This is particularly true in Brisbane, where the weather is hot for much of the year.

Fortunately, the best way to top up on fluids, at home or at work, is to drink pure water. Unfortunately, tap water quality and taste aren’t always as good as they should be. Do you trust what’s coming out of your tap?

Why worry? Get safe, pure, delicious water delivered to your doorstep or produced on location anywhere in the Brisbane area. So what are your options?

1. Spring water: pure from the source

Rent the Spring Water Coolers that Best Suit Your Office or Home

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Spring water is the purest and most natural fluid you can drink. Your employees, colleagues or family members can drink fresh, crisp, clean water at an affordable price for you. Best of all, we take care of everything.

If your office or home is in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, your water will be delivered like clockwork. You will receive your first spring water delivery within 1-5 working days and we will automatically replenish your water supply every 4 weeks.

Spring water coolers are expensive, so why buy one when you can hire what you like for a low annual charge, complete with our maintenance service? Choose between cold & cool taps and cold & hot taps for what suits you best.

We deliver water in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, so check our spring water delivery areas to see if there’s a spring water delivery in your suburb.

2. Filtered water: made pure on location

Hire Your Choice of Mains Connected Filtered Water Dispensers

Filling a glass of water from a tap

If you prefer to get your water from the tap and filter it on your premises, go with a filtered water system that also cools and/or heats and even boils the water for you.

Most water filter suppliers buy their filters from China, where they are of cheap quality. This means that your water is not filtered as well and you need to go through filters too often, which is a hassle.

When you rent/buy a mains connected water filter from us, you get the highest quality product available as we purchase our filters from Korea. No toxins. No health risks. Your water will be pure and your filter will last longer, so you can relax.

Choose one of our mains-connected coolers (benchtop or free standing), dual Ultimix taps, self-fill coolers, under-sink chiller or Instaboil dispenser for your kitchen, dining room or cafeteria.

Brisbane’s Purest Spring Water. Delivered.

You can trust our water, delivery and service

Man holding a water bottle on a hot day

Natural spring water is better for you than drinking tap water. So is high quality filtered water. When combined with friendly and reliable service and with the convenience of placement, chilling and/or heating your water, the choice is clear.

At Pacific Springs you can always rely on receiving good old fashion service. Being a Family Owned and established company we don’t only strive on providing the purest, most refreshing spring water possible but we also strive on the satisfaction of our customers.

Pacific Springs Natural Springwater was established in 1995 by Shane & Debbie Reeve, who are still the operating directors. It’s a family business with strong local connections and a history of caring for clients.

The value our clients see in our filtered water systems and spring water delivery service is reflected by their loyalty, which has lasted for years and contributes to the continued growth of the company. See for yourself what they think.

It’s good to have plenty of fresh water on a hot day. Sign up for our spring water delivery and get it in your office or home every 4 weeks, or hire our filtered water systems and get the pure water flowing. Available in Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

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Brisbane’s purest spring water, delivered.

You can trust our water, delivery and service.

Water Delivery Truck

Easy to order, use and maintain

Having spring or filtered water in your home or workplace should be as easy as turning on the tap.

That’s why we’ve made the process hassle-free every step of the way.

15L Water Bottle

Great value and great quality

We have a range of affordable options for you to enjoy the highest quality water.

What’s more, renting your water solution from us gives you the confidence you’re in great hands.

Hand and Water Drops

Excellent customer service is our passion

For more than 26 years, our family business has been serving homes and workplaces across Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

We pride ourselves on delivering excellence in everything we do.

What Our Clients Say…

Roland KilburnRoland Kilburn
11:27 16 Jun 24
Great customer service, communication and product. They care just as much about the little man as they would for companies. Im happy with my decision to choose Pacific springs
Brooke McMurtrieBrooke McMurtrie
02:53 02 Jun 24
Very happy with Pacific Springs. LOVE their water, their customer service and equipment. We have our water stilling chilled on our benchtop and the whole family drink more water now this way. No more fights about filling the water jug up in the fridge.
Estelle HenningEstelle Henning
23:02 22 May 24
Our water delivery is always on time. The communication is effective and the overall service is great!
Katrina GoughKatrina Gough
23:44 21 May 24
Great service. Always on time. Cheaper than other companies
Maria SavioMaria Savio
21:36 21 May 24
Fantastic customer service , very frendly, easy , reliable , we give 5 stars. And the water is ligth and not more stomach pain , price good too . We are very happy
Deb McLachlanDeb McLachlan
21:45 28 Apr 24
Terrific ServiceAlways prompt with deliveriesGreat customer service 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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