R & G Recommends our Pure Spring Water

R & G Technologies logo - drinking pure spring water for 4 yearsPure spring water and good service can be good for business. After drinking our water for 4 years, our client R & G Technologies is so happy with us they’ve added Pacific Springs into their recommended suppliers list as part of an initiative to build stronger relationships with their local businesses network.

Here is what they say:

At Pacific Springs you can always rely on receiving good old fashion service. Pacific Springs strives to provide the purest and most refreshing spring water possible.

They have also published a video about how much they like having cold spring water delivered on time and with a smile, saying they plan to let us fill their coolers with pure spring water for the next 10 years:

R & G Technologies is an award winning Brisbane IT Support Company. They help organisations across Australia by acting as their trusted IT partner; a single source supplier for all their Data, Cloud and IT Support needs.

Bottled Water Delivery for Home

A water delivery service is not just for your office or factory. It’s also for your home.

Spring water is great for drinking and cooking and you can really taste the difference. Look in your kettle and you will see no buildup, because the water is so fresh and clean.

Call Pacific Springs to find out how you can get bottled water delivery in your home.

* Prices may have changed since this video was published

Great Water Makes People Happy at Work and at Home

Can water make people happy? Make sure you start your water delivery service so that people have access to fresh spring water for drinking and pure hot water on tap for making tea and coffee and the answer is “Yes!”

And if you are concerned about drinking water delivery service, Pacific Springs can do this for you.