How Drinking Water Temperature Affects Your Mind and Body

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Different drinking water temperature for different people - one woman drinking cold water and one drinking a hot beverage

Did you know that the temperature at which we consume water can have surprising effects on our bodies?  

Whether it’s a refreshing cold glass on a hot day or a soothing warm mug in winter, the temperature of our drinking water can influence our health in various ways and even present physiological responses on our digestion and metabolism.

Hot vs. Cold Drinking Water: Which Drinking Water Temperature Is Better for You?

There are a few perceived benefits of choosing hot drinking water versus cold drinking water and vice versa – let’s take a look…

The Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

To Relax And De-stress

Warm or hot water can be calming and help to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety –  especially when paired with a herbal tea such as chamomile to reduce stress levels – and of course hot water outside of the body is good for relaxing your muscles in a warm bath! 

Help WIth Circulation

Hot water can help dilate blood vessels and improve circulation, which may help to improve Circulation by prompting better oxygen and nutrient delivery – potentially aiding muscle recovery and reducing inflammation. 

Supporting Our Digestion Process

Warm or hot water may aid breaking down food by promoting the movement of food through our bodies and helping to digest our food easier. 

Detoxification (Maybe!)

Some people believe that drinking hot water can aid in detoxification by flushing out toxins from the body, however more research is needed to make this claim conclusive!

Young woman sipping a cold drink

The Benefits of Drinking Cold Water

Hydrating and Cooling

Cold water is refreshing and helps lower body temperature, making it ideal for hydration during hot weather or physical activity. It can help cool the body down and prevent overheating.

A Metabolic Boost

Drinking cold water may temporarily increase metabolism as the body works to warm the water to its core temperature. This slight increase in calorie expenditure can contribute to weight management efforts over time – maybe!

Pain Relief and Inflammation Reduction

Cold water can constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling, making it beneficial for alleviating pain and inflammation associated with injuries or sore muscles. Cold water immersion therapies, such as ice baths, are commonly used by athletes for just this purpose.

To Boost Your Mood And Mental Clarity

Some people find that consuming cold water in particular can help increase alertness and mental clarity. The shock of cold water may stimulate the nervous system and promote wakefulness and of course any hydration – cold or warm – is good as dehydration can lead to fatigue and mood swings.

Young woman enjoying a hot drink

Different Drinking Water Temperatures for Different Reasons!

Now you know a few of the benefits of cold and hot drinking water, here are a few ways you can choose the right temperature for you…

In Your Morning Routine…

  • Hot Water: Enjoy a cup of hot tea or coffee for a comforting morning ritual, providing warmth and a boost of energy.

To Aid Your Hydration Requirements…

  • Cold Water: Refreshing during physical activity or in warm weather.
  • Hot Water: Can be used in beverages like herbal teas – offering hydration along with flavour and relaxation benefits.

To Support Your Digestive Needs…

  • Hot Water: Recommended for aiding digestion and promoting better post-meal digestion with soothing herbal teas and providing relaxation and warmth.

To Aid Exercise And Recovery…

  • Cold Water: Commonly used for post-exercise recovery to reduce muscle inflammation and soreness.
  • Hot Water: Provides relaxation benefits post-exercise, aiding in muscle recovery and overall well-being.

For Wellness and Self-Care…

  • Cold Water: Promote alertness, offering a refreshing way to hydrate throughout the day  
  • Hot Water: Enjoy a warm drink to calm the mind, relieve the tension and relax during more stressful times  

With Pacific Springs, It’s Easy to Choose Your Temperature!

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