Filtered Water Bubblers a Big Hit on the Shop Floor

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Glass of waterNever was there a better time to resurrect the old saying “It’s so hard to get good help.” Skilled, capable staff members with a commitment to a business and a solid work ethic are a major asset that needs looking after. Without them, management can set targets, formulate long-term strategies and research ad infinitum, but the end result will still be a dysfunctional business that will die a slow, lingering death.

Different surveys conducted over many years consistently produce the same result. It is not the work that makes people leave a business, but the way they are treated by management. Despite these surveys and other irrefutable evidence, many managers will deny this and only provide the basic amenities required by law.

Safe and Comfortable Work Environment is a Proven Motivator

Managers who know the truth of this statement, however, make it part of their strategic objectives to provide additional amenities and incentives for their employees. They know that their productivity is what drives profit, and they also know that it is not always about more money. A safe and comfortable work environment, the opportunity to contribute to decision making and sound, structured processes receive applause from staff members.

A desirable work environment includes such very basic items as clean toilets and kitchens, comfortable workstations and ready access to fresh, clean, cool water. This doesn’t seem too much to ask, especially when a company like Pacific Springs can supply an excellent range of pure, filtered water direct to the door. Whether it is a filtration system for the office or a bubbler installed in the warehouse or factory, the health benefits of filtered water are well documented. Providing this amenity for the workforce is a clear and visible demonstration of their value to a business.

Mains Supply Safe but Still Contains Contaminants

While the water that comes from our reticulated systems, that is, tap water, is safe to drink, it can contain impurities that have not been removed through the public filtration process. Our drinking water runs off catchment areas and into reservoirs before being drawn off for treatment and distribution. Water treatment involves removing sediments and contaminants, followed by disinfection to kill harmful organisms. Sometimes additional treatments are needed to improve the appearance, taste and smell of our drinking water.

Contrast all these variables with the quality that water purifiers can provide. Pacific Springs has a range of filtration systems to suit any budget or application. For example, their mains connected filtration systems come in a “stand alone” model or a smaller unit that will sit safely on a bench top. Their True Blue filters trap up to ten times the contaminants of other filters and the antibacterial contents in the filter mean that it only needs replacing yearly instead of six monthly.

For high traffic use, filtered water bubblers are an ideal solution in your Brisbane office. No more rusted out, stainless steel bubblers; these beauties are made from pigmented polyethylene and are available in 10, 20 and 30 litres per hour capacity. They are installed directly to the mains system and the True Blue filter works away quietly removing any contaminants left in the reticulated water supply. With full servicing that happens automatically, it really is a ‘set and forget’ system that will delight the workers and get management a pat on the back.

While tap water can be drawn and chilled in bottles in the company fridge, this is a much more efficient system and one that is proven to remove sediment, bacteria and other materials that are still present in the water supply, despite going through the public filtration process. Protecting the health of your workers is one way of demonstrating that management does value them. Full details and specifications are available at Take a look, do some calculations and you’ll find that for cost and health benefits, this system comes out on top.