Filtered Water Bubblers a Big Hit on the Shop Floor

Glass of waterNever was there a better time to resurrect the old saying “It’s so hard to get good help.” Skilled, capable staff members with a commitment to a business and a solid work ethic are a major asset that needs looking after. Without them, management can set targets, formulate long-term strategies and research ad infinitum, but the end result will still be a dysfunctional business that will die a slow, lingering death. Continue reading

Water Bubbler Stations, a Must to Improve School Performance

3 glasses of waterDo you remember as a child languishing on a hot summer’s day in the classroom trying to dream up an excuse to get outside, even if just for a few minutes? Before the advent of water bottles, asking to go to the bubbler for a cool drink of water was the norm. Now that everyone has their own water bottle, this escape route is closed, but the memories remain of just how good that fresh, bubbling water tasted.

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