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Great Water Makes People Happy at Work and at Home

Can water make people happy? Make sure you start your water delivery service so that people have access to fresh spring water for drinking and pure hot water on tap for making tea and coffee and the answer is “Yes!”

And if you are concerned about drinking water delivery service, Pacific Springs can do this for you.

Black Milk Clothing Water Delivery Service is Simple & Easy

Black Milk Clothing found a simple and easy to use solution for their in the Pacific Springs water delivery service. As the business has grown, more water simply appeared. “They just rock up and it’s all done”. Great level of service.

Nufarm Australia Likes Our Spring Water

Nufarm Australia has been ordering spring water from Pacific Springs for 10 years. They say our service is convenient and easy to use and they like that our business is local and family-owned.

Water: The Dieter’s Best Friend

Woman holding belly fatIt seems that never a week passes without some new finding about weight loss coming from researchers. Just as prolific are the new diet fads and food supplements promising amazing results with little effort. Dieticians caution that such diets are unsustainable; a claim supported by statistics showing that all the weight is regained when the diet ceases. Continue reading

The Best Spring Water Supply to Your Door

600ml Spring Water BottlesLearning that spring water is the absolute best water to consume and how good it is for you is only part of the lesson in treating your body correctly. Sourcing the best-tasting water supply from a reputable supplier is the next step in hydrating your body to good health.

Many suppliers claim to offer the best quality spring water around but there is only one who makes it their job to offer the best service whilst bringing this life-giving water direct to you so you don’t have to hike for hours direct to the source.

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Spring Water Puts a Spring in Your Step

Office Drinking Water“Drink plenty of water” is a message that we are all very familiar with, and we know the many benefits to be had when we give our bodies this vitally important drink from nature. Some people though may be a little unsure as to which water to drink.
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Protect Your Health with Safe Water

Woman after exercisingYou have heard about it or read about it so many times you probably can’t remember how often anymore: water is good for you. It is a life-giving, happiness-sustaining goodness that keeps your body running and your mind working at full capacity. Continue reading

Carbon Footprint on Bottled Water No Joke

Little boy drinking waterSo you think that buying bottled water is better for your family than using filtered tap water. Here are some facts and figures that will blow your mind and have you thinking twice next time you reach for that bottle. Continue reading

Renting a Water Cooler for Your Home or Office

Water coolersWhat is really in our drinking water that comes through the taps? If you were to read about all the chemicals that are allowed to be placed in our drinking water to clean and detoxify it, then you would probably stop drinking water altogether. Chemicals such as aluminium sulphate, ammonia and chlorine; this is just three of the chemicals put into our water out of the 32 chemicals that are used. It is scary when you think about how much ‘poison’ goes into the water and it makes you wonder what it is doing to our bodies. Fortunately, there is a very good solution to this problem. Continue reading

The Benefits of Filtered Water

Enjoy clean water through water filtersWith the water that comes through our homes from the tap being full of chemicals, who would want to drink it? It tastes disgusting and who knows what bugs are coming through with it. On the other hand, bottled water costs a small fortune and who has the money to be buying bottled water all the time? There is an alternative to tap and bottled water. Filters are one way to clean out all the chemical components and the bugs often found in our tap water that can cause stomach and bowel irritations. Continue reading