Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Order a Spring Water Dispenser for Your Home or Workplace

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Spring water dispenser: fresh, clean drinking water at home and in the workplace

Have you been considering having a spring water dispenser in your home or workplace?

Read on to find out why now is the perfect time to take the plunge!

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Order a Spring Water Dispenser for Your Home

The summer months are a great time to organise a spring water dispenser in your home – here are 4 reasons why…

1. To Keep The Kids Hydrated During The Long Summer School Holidays

Having a spring water dispenser in your home means the kids can grab some fresh and clean drinking water quickly and easily. This is a great way to ensure they’re getting enough water throughout the day – and don’t have to nag you for cold water if someone forgets to refill the water jug in the fridge!

2. To Save Your Fridge Space For Food

If you store water jugs and bottles in the fridge, it means there is less room for food. This can be a challenge in the summer with kids around all the time and also around Christmas time when there is often more food than usual in the fridge!

3. It’s An Instant And Safe Way To Make Baby Formula Bottles

Having a hot/cold tap option for your water dispenser can make life a lot easier if you have a formula-fed baby at home. There’s no waiting around for the water to cool down with a Pacific Springs water dispenser as you can simply mix the pure spring water from both taps to the desired temperature.

4. To Have Water On The Go

Rather than filling your water bottle with tap water and putting it in the fridge to cool for a few hours before you go out, just grab your empty water bottle and fill it from the water dispenser as you run out the door – no pre-planning required!

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Order a Spring Water Dispenser for

Your Workplace

Not only is spring water a great addition to your home, it’s also perfect for any workplace – here are 2 reasons why…

1. To Keep Staff Happy, Hydrated And Productive

If you have a spring water dispenser in the workplace, staff don’t need to take time to constantly re-fill their water bottles from the tap and then cool them in the fridge – they can just grab fresh and clean drinking water at the touch of a button whenever they need to hydrate. What’s more, keeping staff hydrated helps them feel energised and productive!

2. A Great Customer Experience

If your customers or clients come to your workplace, being able to offer them fresh spring water is a great way to improve their experience – and you can spend less time refilling water jugs for those team meetings!

Great For The Home, Great For The Workplace!

And, of course, whether you’re ready to order a spring water dispenser for your home or the workplace these benefits are universal…

Fuss-Free Water Deliveries

At Pacific Springs we’ll automatically come to you once a month to take your used bottles away and deliver your new ones  – no need to remember to re-order!

Hassle-Free Maintenance

We make sure your dispenser is always in great working order and if you have any concerns we will be out within 5 working days to ensure it is – this is all part of the service!

If you’d like to know more about the range of spring water dispensers we offer, you can view range of spring water dispensers or if you’d prefer to chat, just contact us for more information!