Why Choose Pure Spring Water Instead of Tap Water?

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Filling up pure spring water

Do you know about the health benefits of drinking pure spring water? Rich in more beneficial minerals than tap water, it helps cleanse toxins from the body and supports organs to do their job effectively.

As one of our oldest sources of drinking water, read on to explore the health benefits of spring water and why some consider it the best tasting water there is.

The Big Debate… Spring Water Versus Tap Water

The market for spring water has boomed in Australia in recent years – so much so that we’re able to organise deliveries to our door by simply clicking a button.

Tap water, although safe to drink in Australia, can contain traces of chemicals including chlorine and fluoride among other contaminants. These chemicals aren’t ideal for human consumption and there are also a range of external factors such as pollution and bushfires that can impact on the supply and quality of our tap water.

Spring water meanwhile comes from aquifers (bodies of saturated rock through which water moves) and is gathered as it naturally flows to the earth’s surface or via a borehole. More than any other form of water, spring water’s biological filtering process gives it a particularly rich mineral profile.

Is Pure Spring Water Good For Your Health?

Besides being the best tasting water, pure spring water is great for keeping you hydrated, oxygenating your blood and a whole range of other benefits. However, spring water brings with it a whole range of additional benefits including a high mineral content, no additives and a filtration process to remove any potential nasties.

What’s more, depending on the source, spring water often has the highest concentrations of the essential minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium all of which have their own health benefits. Calcium, which most people know is crucial for bone development, also plays a vital role in the way our muscles function. Magnesium meanwhile can improve mood and blood sugar management while potassium helps moderate blood pressure levels.

And What About Tap Water?

Compared to spring water, the tap water we drink contains reduced levels of minerals due to most of these being filtered out in processing. What’s more, chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride and aluminium are often added and its quality as mentioned earlier can be impacted by external factors such as pollution, drought, flooding and bushfires.

Pure Spring Water Or Tap Water?

We’re blessed here in Australia to have access to safe drinking water,  straight from the tap, but for many people, the benefits of spring water speak for themselves.

At Pacific Springs, we pride ourselves on providing spring water free from impurities, pumped from natural underground volcanic rock formations in Bilambil, New South Wales. Read more about our pumping, filtration, bacterial removal and bottling process.