Filtered Water Systems Great Solution for Office Drinking Water

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Office Drinking Water

There is no doubt that people who work in an office environment generally have very comfortable working conditions. Most offices these days are air conditioned, providing stable temperatures year-round, with no draughts or airborne pollutants. There is plenty of light even if it is mostly artificial and with modern ergonomic surroundings overall it is a relatively quiet and productive workspace. What most people don’t realize as they work away in what is essentially an artificial atmosphere, is that air conditioning, while maintaining a constant temperature, is also very drying, leaving people dehydrated without them realizing it.

One of the first indicators of dehydration is a headache which is usually attributed to the glare from a computer screen or tension caused by a build-up of work. Because the temperature is kept at around 24 degrees Celsius, most people aren’t physically thirsty, so they don’t think to have a drink of filtered office water Brisbane. Instead they reach for tea or coffee and headache remedies, when having office drinking water close at hand in a filtered water cooler is a much better solution.

Providing office drinking water in a water dispenser is also the most environmentally responsible way of fulfilling the employer’s legal requirement under occupational health and safety legislation to provide employees with readily accessible clean and fresh drinking water. Environmentally responsible companies prefer one or two large water dispensing units in convenient locations, to endless bottles of water clogging up waste bins and contributing to the appalling quantities of plastic bottles that end up in landfill.

Office water coolers can be supplied in different sizes, depending on the number of employees and the size of the office space that needs to be serviced. In a small office where space is at a premium, there are small bench top units available. Larger units are free-standing and can be placed unobtrusively in a central location. Office drinking water units are especially popular in reception areas for the comfort and convenience of clients and visitors, creating a friendly atmosphere for that important business meeting.

Productivity is one of the major challenges facing business, and it is known that human performance declines as the body becomes dehydrated. Office workers who are feeling ill or lacking energy and drive are more prone to human error while performing work tasks. The brain needs water to function at its problem-solving best, and the most cost effective way to provide water in an office is to call for water delivery anywhere in the Brisbane area.

Water coolers can be mains-connected, and with an in-built water filtration system, they are a very cost effective way of ensuring that employees have pollution free fresh water available to them. With accessories such as disposable paper cups, this is a clean, efficient and “mess-free” method of providing everyone who enters the office the opportunity to have a refreshing drink of cool, clean water.