Why Rent Your Water Cooler?

Man sitting in meeting room with glass of water

When it comes to water coolers, the options are limitless. One other decision you have to make is whether you want to buy or rent your water cooler. Compare the benefits of renting a cooler versus buying one before you make the final choice.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Water Cooler

Most people opt for outright purchase to save money in the long run. You might reason that making a one-time investment is better than paying rent for the water cooler year on year. Although this makes sense, it might not be the right decision after all. Why?

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Customers Spoilt for Choice by Local Spring Water Supplier

Filtered water coolersBrisbane spring water customers who are looking for coolers would find that there are many types available today, and they would find it easy to choose something that looks attractive, fits perfectly in the available space and meets their need for clean, cooled water. The choices start from small bench top models when the need to save space is paramount. There is also an average-sized dispenser similar to those offered as a free service at the doctor or dentist, as well as mains connected filtration systems. Even the humble bubbler has been enhanced and improved and is available for installation at predominately industrial and educational premises. Continue reading

Office Workers More Productive When Water Coolers Are Handy

Drop of waterOne of the basic requirements that an employer must provide for the health and safety of their employees is a ready supply of fresh, clean, uncontaminated water. Sometimes in difficult economic circumstances when a business is looking at ways to cut costs, there may be a temptation to remove the office water coolers and substitute them with tap water, bottled and placed in the staff refrigerator. However, this method is not cost effective as it requires someone to be responsible for keeping up the regular supply and it introduces a health risk if the water is stored too long before consumption, or becomes contaminated during refills.

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Filtered Water Systems Great Solution for Office Drinking Water

Water pouring into glass

There is no doubt that people who work in an office environment generally have very comfortable working conditions. Most offices these days are air conditioned, providing stable temperatures year-round, with no draughts or airborne pollutants. There is plenty of light even if it is mostly artificial and with modern ergonomic surroundings overall it is a relatively quiet and productive workspace. What most people don’t realize as they work away in what is essentially an artificial atmosphere, is that air conditioning, while maintaining a constant temperature, is also very drying, leaving people dehydrated without them realizing it. Continue reading