Revitalise EOFY Planning: 4 Reasons to Get an Office Water Cooler

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An office water cooler is a great addition to any workplace at any time of year but can be a great addition right now when things in a lot of workplaces start to get busier as we approach the end of the financial year and start to plan for the year ahead.

Here are four great reasons to consider an office water dispenser right now!

Reason 1 – To Boost Your Productivity During The Busy End Of Financial Year Period

When it comes to the end of financial year planning, things can get very busy in a lot of workplaces so it’s important to stay focused and energised at this often hectic time.

Office water coolers provide fresh drinking water at the touch of a button so can help to encourage staff to stay hydrated and by staying hydrated they’re more likely to stay energised and focused when it matters most.

Staying hydrated is super important for the brain as dehydration means our brains have to work even harder and can mean we have difficulty concentrating on the tasks at hand – which we don’t want at the end of the financial year!

Office worker drinking water

Reason 2 – To Keep Focused As You Plan The Year Ahead

This time of year is also when a lot of organisations start to plan out the year ahead and set goals. Studies show that keeping refreshed can help with problem-solving abilities, improve memory and overall cognitive performance while not drinking enough water can lead to tiredness and hinder progress.

Office water coolers also have a social benefit  as employees have more opportunities to discuss tasks and solve problems with their peers which is great for planning the year ahead.

And of course let’s not forget the time saved from not having to refill water bottles or put on a kettle for hot water!

Reason 3 – To Keep The Hot Drinks Flowing When It’s Cold Outside

The weather here in Australia is at its coldest at this time of year which is a great time to consider an office water cooler with a hot tap option.

Having this option means a hot coffee or tea is only seconds away which is especially useful on colder days when you may not feel like a cold glass of water.

At Pacific Springs for example our hot/cold office water dispensers provide on-demand water at 84-89 degrees to help keep the hot drinks flowing and your hydration at optimal levels.

It also means you can say goodbye to the office kettle!

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Reason 4 – To Keep Staff Healthy, Promote Great Communication And Reduce Single-Use Plastics All At The Same Time!

Reason 4 is more like 6 reasons as there are plenty of general reasons why a workplace cooler is a great idea at any time of year…

1. To Adhere To Australian Workplace Guidelines – According to the Compliance Code for Workplace Amenities and Work Environment, an adequate supply of clean drinking water must be provided free of charge for workers at all times

2. To Help Staff Stay Hydrated And Healthy – We all know the importance of staying hydrated to keep our bodies functioning correctly and prevent us from becoming dehydrated.

3. To Promote Great Communication And Culture – An office water cooler is often an impromptu meeting place to innovate and plan.

4. To Increase Productivity And Save Time – Stay hydrated which can lead to increased energy levels and a greater ability to stay focused and of course not having to refill water bottles or put on a kettle for hot water saves time!

5. To Help Reduce Single-Use Plastic Waste – Without access to a water cooler, staff may be more likely to purchase disposable plastic bottles.

6. To Help Save Money – Workplace water coolers can be a cost-effective way to supply water as renting and maintaining a water cooler is often less expensive than purchasing individual bottled water for staff.

So Should You Get An Office Water Cooler Now?

An office water dispenser is a great addition at any time of year and at Pacific Springs we have a wide range of water coolers to suit any workplace so just get in touch – and we can walk you through the options with you.