Why Rent Your Water Cooler?

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When it comes to water coolers, the options are limitless. One other decision you have to make is whether you want to buy or rent your water cooler. Compare the benefits of renting a cooler versus buying one before you make the final choice.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Water Cooler

Most people opt for outright purchase to save money in the long run. You might reason that making a one-time investment is better than paying rent for the water cooler year on year. Although this makes sense, it might not be the right decision after all. Why?

When you think of buying a water cooler, what do you consider? Do you buy a cooler based on the features and quality or do you buy just because it’s cheap? A cheap cooler may not last long, which will leave you with the additional cost of buying a replacement water cooler.

Furthermore, cheap water coolers are usually dispensable models. This means that once they go kaput, you will need to dispose of them and invest in a new water cooler. And don’t forget the annual maintenance cost. You will have to bear these additional costs year after year.

When you consider the total costs incurred over a period of time, you can see that outright purchase turns out to be more expensive and painful than when you rent your water cooler and everything is taken care of for you.

Why You Should Rent Your Water Cooler

When you rent your water cooler, you get to enjoy several benefits. For one, it keeps you from the burden of a large upfront investment. At Pacific Springs, we take complete care from maintenance to service.

Here’s a brief look at the benefits of renting an office water cooler:

  1. Water coolers to fit your requirements – be it spring water coolers or mains-connected water filtration systems
  2. Choose a plan to suit your budget
  3. Filter replacement and periodic maintenance will happen at regular intervals
  4. If there’s any problem with the water cooler, we fix it or replace the cooler at no additional cost to you within 1-5 working days (under proper use)
  5. Instead of purchasing an asset, you’re creating an operating expense, which is fully deductible, so your accountant will love you for it

You don’t get to enjoy these luxuries with an outright purchase. So rent your water cooler from Pacific Springs today and start saving money.