Thirsty? How to Stay Better Hydrated…

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Man holding a water bottle on a hot day

The summer heat is approaching, which means that aside from wearing extra doses of deodorant, all Australians will need to start hydrating their bodies by drinking plenty of fresh water. Fresh water not only helps to keep the body cool in summer, but also helps to restore hydration that is lost through sweat glands.

The average person has over two million sweat glands in their body, so when temperatures rise, you will find yourself producing excess amounts of sweat. Many might look at an overly sweaty person and think there’s something wrong with them; on the contrary, sweat is the body’s way of controlling a normal body temperature by expelling excess heat. Over-sweating in summer should not be a concern, but dehydration should be. It is extremely important to counter the amount of fluids you sweat out with the amount of water you drink. If you are sweating profusely on a hot summer’s day and are not drinking enough water to replace those lost fluids, your body will be in danger of becoming dehydrated.

Although dehydration is not a problem, within a few hours of losing fluids in the form of sweat, severe dehydration will kick in if water is not returned to the body within a few days, which can possibly cause kidney failure. Avoid this problem by always carrying bottled spring water with you wherever you go. Even if you only carry a small 600mL bottle, you will be able to refill it several times throughout the day to stay hydrated. If you’re going for a long walk or run and are not likely to pass any water stations along the way, strap on a small bum bag just big enough to fit in a water bottle without being too bulky. Remember that the average Australian should be drinking a minimum of six large glasses of water a day. Are you?

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