Is Spring Water Really Good for Your Skin?

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Pretty woman holding a glass of water

All Australians should know that in order to stay healthy and hydrated, you need to consume a reasonable amount of water on a daily basis. Aside from helping with digestion, weight loss and temperature control, drinking bottled spring water also has many positive benefits when it comes to keeping your skin healthy and here’s why:

It releases toxins

Many may not realise but just as we inhale pollution and fumes that travel through the air, our skin also breathes and absorbs a large amount of toxins such as xenoestrogens each day. If toxins such as these are absorbed through the skin and not properly flushed out by a constant flow of water through the body, they are likely to build up and try and release themselves through the pores. This can result in skin abnormalities such as acne.

It provides nutrients

In order to restore hydration and nutrients to the skin, it is recommended to drink a substantial amount of water on a daily basis, but it is also recommended to be wary of which source you are getting your water from. Tap water is not always the safest option as the composition is relatively uneven with extra unwanted minerals and fluoride; it is better to opt for a fresh supply of bottled spring water or filtered water.

It prevents premature ageing

Skin inflammation is brought on by a number of factors such as the environment, physical and psychological stress and of course what you eat and drink. If your skin is dehydrated and malnourished, it is likely to either dry out or become inflamed, which can cause premature ageing. Combat this by following a healthy diet and drinking plenty of spring water to flush out your system and hydrate your skin.

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