15Litre Returnable Spring Water Bottle

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Large 15L spring water bottle that fits all of water coolers and most major Australian brands.


Take the stress out of filling up your trolley at the supermarket and let us take care of it for you. Get your spring water delivered to your door every 4 weeks for only $1.25 per delivery.

As a customer, you will be placed on a delivery run every 4 weeks. When you get your first water delivery, you will also receive a delivery calendar to show you when you can expect us each month. Your water will be delivered every month unless you have asked us to reschedule.

How many 15L Water Bottles do you need?

We recommend starting with 1 x 15L water bottle per person per month. So if you have 5 people in your home, start with 5 bottles. If you have 12 staff in your office, start with 12 bottles. This may or may not be your standard monthly order, but it will be a good way to see how long that amount of water will last you and work out how many spring water bottles you will need between deliveries in the future.

Minimum quantity: 4 bottles (verified during checkout).

Our spring water bottles are safe for your use. We recycled them, maintain them and dispose of them, while you enjoy fresh, pure, high quality drinking water and get the health benefits of good hydration, cold during the hot summer months and hot during the cold winter months.

Can you use these water bottles with your own cooler?

Yes, you can. The Pacific Springs 15L water bottles are compatible with coolers from the following major brands available on the Australian market:

  • Waterworks
  • Clover
  • Crystal Mountain
  • Aqua To Go
  • Aqua Cooler
  • Aquaport
  • Comfee
  • Devanti
  • Most ceramic wells and ceramic pots
  • Plus many others. If your cooler brand isn’t listed, please contact us to confirm

But if you don’t have a cooler yet, get one from us.


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