Making Informed Choices for Our Health

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15L water bottleMany people now focus a lot more on their health and pay particular attention to what they put into their bodies. Women, especially, are becoming more informed about what is good for themselves and their families.

Just as we know that it is not good to spend a day sitting around eating chocolates, we also know that it is vitally important for our health to drink water. Drinking water aids in weight loss, flushes toxins from our systems and even has the power to relieve us from headaches caused by dehydration. But we also know that drinking water straight from the tap is no longer our best option.

The risks with tap water

Tap water is certainly not as innocent as it seems. What comes out of a tap is never just clean drinking water; in fact, what you are pouring into your glass if you drink from the tap can be quite detrimental to our health.

Tap water can contain any number of contaminants and bacteria, depending on the source and the material, as well as the condition of the pipes it comes through. Some of these contaminants only affect the smell, look and taste of tap water; however; if you are to be encouraged to drink water, it needs to have a pleasant taste.

Delving deeper into the subject of tap water, some people are at a greater risk than just upsetting their taste buds. Before you think that you are safe because you boil your water, think again, as this only kills the bacteria.

So what else can remain after the bacteria is killed by boiling the water? The answer is chemicals, heavy metals and dirt, just to name a few. Aside from environmental contaminants, we also need to be concerned with the chemicals that are added by the water authority. Chlorine, fluoride and aluminium are the key “ingredients” added to our tap water, designed to make it “safer” for drinking.

There is now a lot more research carried out that uncovers the ill effects of such additives and there are still parasites such as Giardia that are impervious to the added chlorine. So consuming such dangerous additives is not really protecting us from everything.

Filtered water is the only safe option

In a nutshell, the only safe water to drink is filtered water. Any harmful toxins are removed from your drinking water and therefore provide a safer, cleaner and more refreshing alternative to what comes straight out of the tap. If you are ready to purchase water filters or have water filter systems installed so that your family will be drinking safe, healthy water, click here.