Bottled Water in Brisbane Free from Chromium 6

Woman drinks bottled water from Brisbane vendor

California recently became the first American state to adopt a drinking water standard for hexavalent chromium, proposing a limit of 10 parts per billion. Brisbane has not set any standards for hexavalent chromium. Residents who are concerned about drinking water safety may find that bottled water Brisbane suppliers are their best option.

What is hexavalent chromium?

Does the Hollywood film Erin Brockovich ring a bell? If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll remember that it was hexavalent chromium which contaminated the drinking water in Hinkley, California, and caused residents to get sick. This eventually led to a multimillion-dollar class-action suit.

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Pacific Springs Removes Harmful Water Additives

The practice of using water additives such as chlorine and fluoride is no longer considered safe by all. Chlorine was previously introduced to eradicate waterborne diseases and fluoride in tap water was to eradicate tooth decay, but they are now found to be harmful to our bodies and no longer necessary, particularly where chlorine is concerned. Researchers have found chlorine water to be cancer causing and have marked an increase in cases of cancer following the introduction of this toxic substance to our water.

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H2o and Your Health at Home

If you care about you and your family’s health then you will know that drinking good clean water is a key part of your wellness. With so many options for how to provide the best water, it can be confusing to decide. The most convenient and economical, is choosing a water filter system to suit your needs.

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Homes Now Demanding Easy-to-Use Water Filters

Woman offering a glass of waterHouseholds these days are spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting drinks from the refrigerator. For parents or carers educating children and young people about the benefits of good nutrition, the frustration is that often the drink of choice is one full of sugar, flavouring and preservatives. Keeping bottled water in the fridge, directing the household to drink water, and limiting the number of juices or soft drinks can start a conflagration on the same scale as the Gulf War. This pits siblings against each other as they hope to gain favours by dobbing on each other and counting drinks. Meanwhile, bottled water languishes at the back of the fridge.

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