Pacific Springs Removes Harmful Water Additives

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The practice of using water additives such as chlorine and fluoride is no longer considered safe by all. Chlorine was previously introduced to eradicate waterborne diseases and fluoride in tap water was to eradicate tooth decay, but they are now found to be harmful to our bodies and no longer necessary, particularly where chlorine is concerned. Researchers have found chlorine water to be cancer causing and have marked an increase in cases of cancer following the introduction of this toxic substance to our water.

Why water coolers and purifiers are good health investments

Luckily, Pacific Springs is interested in protecting the health of others through fresh, clean drinking water and have the perfect solution. High-quality water coolers and purifiers that work to remove these unnecessary and toxic substances are not only a worthwhile investment towards your health, but to those around you.

Isla from South Brisbane is very serious about avoiding anything toxic that may harm her or her husband and three children. She leaves no stone unturned when it comes to researching the best products to protect her family and when she came across Pacific Springs she was convinced she had found what she needed and now knows she was right.

“After I found out that fluoride in water is bad, I went searching for high-grade water coolers for our home. There was no way I could let my kids continue drinking straight tap water any longer. The staff were really friendly and helpful. I decided first to buy a carton of their bottled water to trial their service for value and promptness and they impressed me greatly. I then had an under-sink chiller installed and the kids are actually drinking more water! I highly recommend them.”

Filtered water coolers ensure you only drink safe water every day

Everyone knows that drinking lots of water is extremely good for your health, but only if it’s not loaded with carcinogenic additives and toxins. Each day you drink tap water, you, your family and your co workers are ingesting these poisons and they accumulate in your body. But the water-purifying experts at Pacific Springs can help you ensure your water is free of anything harmful and good for you to drink.

Melody is thrilled with Pacific Springs, stating, “If ever anybody asked me who to contact for water coolers, filters and purifiers, I would say Pacific Springs every time.”

Don’t delay any longer and contact Pacific Springs for friendly advice on their products and services. Your body will thank you for it.