Keeping Hydrated with Pacific Springs

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We all know how vitally important water is for us. It nourishes our bodies and minds and offers many health benefits. However, having said that, we also know that plain old tap water just won’t cut it if we want to be drinking the absolute highest quality water we can get. The good news is, the highest quality drinking water is available and attainable, right in your own home or office.

Whether you are after a simple benchtop set-up with fresh spring water or an undersink water purifier, Brisbane-based Pacific Springs is the company to contact. With their strong customer service ethic and commitment to providing products that meet client expectations every time, you are assured of always receiving the best service and advice on their complete range of water products.

Rachelle is a very happy customer who has praise for every part of the process when signing on with Pacific Springs. “Pacific Springs has been absolutely wonderful in their delivery of our new water cooler system. From the quick quotation to getting the contract to us for signing and then the delivery of the water cooler itself was just amazing. Teala has been a dream to deal with, and even the delivery driver was wonderful in offering to help me rearrange the space for the cooler to fit. I would completely recommend Pacific Springs to anyone! Thanks for all of your assistance!”

You can trust the quality and reliability of Pacific Springs as a company. This Brisbane-based water purifier supplier is family owned and has been operated since 1995. It is easy to realise they are certainly doing everything right! Whilst spring water is their specialty, you can of course expect just as specialised service with any of their other products such as water purifier models and much more.

John, the manger of an administration team, was looking for a better solution on coffee breaks than to wait for a kettle to boil. He chose to hire the InstaBoil system that filters the water as well as keeps it hot and ready for staff needing a tea or coffee pick-me-up. “I feel like productivity has stepped up because people are spending less time hanging about in the kitchen. It’s the little things that make the day run more smoothly and the service from Pacific Springs is fantastic”.

If you are keen to hear about the fantastic products that are on offer from Pacific Springs, then you can contact their friendly staff who will be more than happy to answer any of your questions about their refreshing water products.