Urbane Bench Top Spring Water Cooler

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Get the Urbane Benchtop spring water cooler for your office, factory or home. It’s stylish, convenient, easy to use with pure water.



The Urbane Benchtop spring water cooler is modern, stylish and popular. This cooler is reliable, easy to clean, easy to operate and looks great, which makes it an excellent choice for modern working environments and homes.

Urbane is a high quality spring water cooler, so it should just keep working for you. Just in case, a free maintenance and repair service is included with your hire. All you need to do is let us know when you need something done and we will take care of it within 1-5 working days for free.

Future Spring Water Deliveries

Take the stress out of filling up your trolley at the supermarket and let us take care of it for you. Get your spring water delivered to your door every 4 weeks for only $1.25 per delivery and $13.50 per 15 litre bottle bottle.

Once you become a customer, you will be placed on a delivery run every 4 weeks. We recommend starting with 1 x 15L bottle per person per month.

So if you have 5 people in your home, start with 5 bottles. If you have 12 staff in your office, start with 12 bottles.

This may or may not be your standard monthly order, but it will be a good way to see how long that amount of water will last you and work out how many bottles you will need between deliveries in the future.

When you add the Urbane spring water cooler to your cart, 4 x 15L free water bottles will be added automatically for you. If you need more than 4 bottles, click here to add more to your cart (after you’ve added the cooler – rent only).

When you get your first water delivery, you will also receive a delivery calendar to show you when you can expect us each month. Your water will be delivered every month unless you have asked us to reschedule.

Features and Benefits

  • Spring water – Get the purest, cleanest, freshest water there is
  • Bench Top / Counter Top style – No need for floor space. Just put your water cooler in a convenient spot on the kitchen bench top, plug it in and start to drink
  • Height: 460mm – Easy to use
  • Width and Depth: 310mm – Small footprint that can fit in most areas
  • Choose in black or white to choose the colours of your location
  • Available with Cool & Cold taps or Hot & Cold taps – Choose what suits you best
  • Cold water (10°C): 5.5 litres per hour – Enough for 27 small cups, 22 regular glasses or 15 mugs
  • Hot water (85°C): 7.5 litres per hour – Enough for 37 small cups, 30 regular glasses or 21 mugs
  • Includes integral no-spill-kit (with spike) – Keeps things nice and dry
  • Child resistant safety for hot water taps – Keeps children safe and covers you for workplace health and safety
  • Hidden temperature controls – Provides a bit of extra safety
  • Matching cup dispensers available
  • Includes 1 maintenance service per year – Schedule when you need it
  • Includes unlimited technical support – Just give us a call and we’ll fix things for you within 1-5 working days for free
  • Includes water delivery every 4 weeks


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