Urbane Self-Fill Filtered Water Cooler

$594.00 Rent per Year

No mains water connection? No problem. Get the Urbane Self Fill Benchtop Water Filter Cooler for style and convenience.



The Urbane Self Fill Water Filter Cooler is ideal for offices that don’t have the access to water mains to connect a system. With its stylish high gloss black and stainless look cabinet it will complement the most stylish office or enhance any home décor.

The cooler’s gravity filters use Ceramics and Silver Impregnated, Granular Activated Carbon, (GAC) to reduce Chemicals, Tastes, Odours and water borne sediments in your drinking water.

Water is added to the top section, filtered as it passes into the lower section, and then delivered into your dispenser. Once the dispenser is full, the float valve seals the bottle, storing the filtered water until required.

What Your Rental Includes

  • 24-month Contract
  • This is all you pay all year round – there are no add on prices
  • Installation
  • Benchtop / Countertop style
  • Choice of taps – Cool & Cold or Hot & Cold
  • 6 monthly Clean and Sterilise of  your system
  • 6 monthly Filter change
  • All servicing

YOU CAN RELY ON US – we will automatically turn up within the month of your service otherwise you will receive 1 MONTH FREE RENTAL on your system.

Why Choose This Product

  • Chemical reduction
  • Sediment reduction
  • Taste and Odour reduction
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Available in Bench Top / Counter Top style to suit your kitchen or work area
  • Available in Cool & Cold or Hot & Cold
  • Install on the top of your cooler and add unfiltered water to the top.
  • The useful life of the replaceable filter cartridge will depend on water quality but as a general guide, each will last around 6 months.


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