Why You Shouldn’t Drink Rainwater

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Hand holding rain water

While the idea of drinking rainwater directly from the sky might seem like a good idea to some, it is most definitely not recommended as the numerous elements that can be found in rainwater are potentially very dangerous. Here are several reasons why drinking bottled spring water is better than rainwater:


When there are so many underdeveloped countries that don’t have a regular supply of fresh bottled water or tap water, it seems only natural to turn to one of the largest sources of water on Earth – the sky.

While the rain that pours down might look fresh and clean at first glance, it is actually anything but. Given the amount of toxins that accumulate in the air and the clouds from dust particles, pollution and salts, it is extremely risky to drink water that has not been properly cleaned and filtered like bottled spring water.


Harmful pathogens such as giardia and cryptosporidium can be present in rainwater that is collected. These microscopic parasites can cause a number of problems when drunk such as diarrhoea, general malaise, weight loss and abdominal cramps.

Rainwater that is collected in a rainwater tank is also highly susceptible to environmental wastes such as bird droppings and other chemical contaminants such as roofing materials that flow down with the rain into the tank.


In underdeveloped countries where treated water supplies are scarce and the risk of drinking water from streams and lakes are high, it is recommended to drink rainwater that has been boiled and disinfected.

Boiling rainwater in developed countries hardly seems worth it when there are active water systems in place and the chances of contracting a disease are high. In order to continue drinking a 100 per cent fresh supply of water, it is best to drink spring water. If you don’t have the room to store spring water bottles, you could look at installing a filtration system in your home.

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