What’s in Brisbane Tap Water?

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Filling a glass of water from a tap

Where does water come from? The water cycle is a familiar concept to most people but the process after the water cycle that sees water magically appear in household taps is slightly more confusing. When you turn the faucet or lift the nozzle on a tap a whole string of actions come into play that few people are actually aware of.

Water on the Earth is gathered from two main sources – ground water and surface water. Ground water is exactly what the name suggests – water that is found under the ground. Bodies of saturated rock known as aquifers are able to collect and store water under the ground due to the porous nature of the rock materials.

Unlike ground water, surface water is found above ground and comes from all major bodies of water on the Earth such as lakes, oceans and streams. From here, the water is transported and stored in man-made or natural reservoirs.

In order to be suitable enough to drink, the water from both surface and underground sources needs to be disinfected and sanitised at a treatment facility, or desalination plant as is the case with salt water.

The now clean and drinkable water is ready to be distributed to commercial and residential properties; this is done through large underground pipe networks that have concentrated distribution areas to ensure there is a constant, even flow of fresh water.

Some of these underground pipes have been there for up to 100 years forming sediment, rust, bacteria and other harmful substances which is why your local council treat the pipes with a small dose of chlorine.

Turning the faucet on a tap triggers the functioning of two main pipes – one pipe that is connected to the water supply and another pipe that contains a passageway and a stopper. Water that is kept inside a tap is extremely pressurised and thus is able to burst through the tap when the faucet is turned and the stopper is released.

Where our spring water comes from

Here at Pacific Springs, we source our spring water from beautiful Bilambil, which is just over the border of NSW. The spring water is sourced from 60 metres below the surface through virtually solid rock.

It is pumped up into a holding tank, and then filtered down to 0.1 micron prior to being transported to our factory.  Virtually everything we use from our pumps to the end product is stainless steel.

For more information on bottled spring water and filtered water systems, call us on 1800 292 83707 3349 1533.