The Benefits of Natural Spring Water

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Natural spring water has many widely acknowledged benefits – from the therapeutic properties of hot springs for bathing to the detoxifying benefits of drinking bottled spring water instead of tap water.

Why Is Natural Spring Water Good for Your Health?

Springs occur naturally in many different parts of the world, but have a number of characteristics in common – such as the presence of vital minerals that can have medicinal effects on various parts of the body.

Natural spring water can have healing benefits for a range of conditions, depending on its composition. With the presence of trace minerals such as carbon dioxide, calcium, lithium and magnesium in spring water, there are therapeutic benefits on different organs, while sulphuric spring water can also aid the healing of skin diseases, including psoriasis and fungal infections.

Drinking Natural Spring Water

As well as bathing, spring water can have therapeutic benefits when ingested, particularly for treating gastrointestinal disorders. This can make bottled spring water preferable to tap water – especially in countries and regions where water supplies are not always safe for drinking.

Many people also prefer the fresh taste of spring water, which can also be carbonated to aid in the normalising of gastric acid for treating stomach conditions.

Bottled Spring Water

Pacific Springs Natural Spring Water provides bottled spring water in Brisbane as well as filtration systems, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of natural spring water in your home or workplace. This spring water is taken directly from Bilambil and delivered to residential and commercial premises throughout Brisbane and NSW.

For more information on the benefits of natural spring water and for a range of water filters and coolers, contact Pacific Springs Natural Spring Water on 1800 292 83707 3349 1533.