Natural Spring Water vs Sports Drinks

Woman drinking water after exerciseWhen it comes to exercising, all Australians want to get the most promising results before and after each workout, which is why most opt for drinking energy-boosting sports drinks. There is no question that water is the best source for everyday hydration, but when it comes to exercising – is it better than a sports drink? Continue reading

The Benefits of Natural Spring Water

Little boy drinking from a water bottleNatural spring water has many widely acknowledged benefits – from the therapeutic properties of hot springs for bathing to the detoxifying benefits of drinking bottled spring water instead of tap water.

Why Is Natural Spring Water Good for Your Health?

Springs occur naturally in many different parts of the world, but have a number of characteristics in common – such as the presence of vital minerals that can have medicinal effects on various parts of the body.

Natural spring water can have healing benefits for a range of conditions, depending on its composition. With the presence of trace minerals such as carbon dioxide, calcium, lithium and magnesium in spring water, there are therapeutic benefits on different organs, while sulphuric spring water can also aid the healing of skin diseases, including psoriasis and fungal infections. Continue reading