Natural Spring Water vs Sports Drinks

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Woman drinking spring water after exercising

When it comes to exercising, all Australians want to get the most promising results before and after each workout, which is why most opt for drinking energy-boosting sports drinks. There is no question that water is the best source for everyday hydration, but when it comes to exercising – is it better than a sports drink?

While the sweet taste and energy boost of sports drinks is what attracts many, its lack of natural hydration is what prompts others to stick to drinking water. Maintaining a high level of hydration is extremely important for everyday activities and even more important when exercising. When you perform a strenuous exercise routine, it is inevitable that you are going to sweat, which sees you losing a significant amount of bodily fluids and therefore becoming dehydrated. Replacing this same amount of lost fluid is where water plays a significant role, not only for hydration purposes but for nutritional purposes as well.

The high amounts of sugar and calories that are contained in many sports drinks are not recommended for regular consumption. The idea behind exercising is to burn off the same amount of fats and sugars that you consume, right? Filling your body with more sugars and calories and not burning them off sufficiently is going to result in little to no weight loss. While a little bit of sugar might be needed after strenuous exercise, the only real part a sports drink will play is a very temporary boost of energy and an enjoyable taste. A large intake of bottled water before and after a workout is not going to include any sugars or calories whatsoever and is going to do exactly what is necessary – rehydrate.

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