Carbon Footprint on Bottled Water No Joke

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So you think that buying bottled water is better for your family than using filtered tap water. Here are some facts and figures that will blow your mind and have you thinking twice next time you reach for that bottle.

In Australia it has been estimated that just over one billion litres of bottled water is consumed every year. Let’s break this down into some staggering stats. Worldwide, the production of water bottles sucks up around 1.5 million barrels of crude oil to create the 2.7 million tonnes of plastic packaging required.

In Australia, 65% of all bottles end up in landfill. This equates to a whopping 38% of all litter in Australia. Of the other 35% of water bottles only 13% are recycled in Australia. The rest end up on the roadside, or in the bush, or floating in the ocean.

These bottles actually represent a hazard to wildlife as they are shiny and attract thirsty animals to them. The smaller ones can enter inside to get those last few drops but can’t get out and are then trapped.

Ozone Layer Destroyed by Carbon Emissions

The figures above are shocking in themselves but imagine the extra issues of wear and tear to roads by the heavy tankers, spewing their exhaust into the environment, whilst transporting the water to be filtered and bottled. The water is then moved again when, in its bottled state, it is delivered to supermarkets, homes and businesses.

Spring water usually comes from a lovely mountain area via a bore. This raping of the water table is creating other issues as the draining of these bores brings salt closer to the surface, thus destroying soil, forest land and other water sources.

With the world racing into ‘global warming’, we have the power to do something to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce these figures considerably. Many people think there is nothing they can do about greenhouse emissions and yet here is one little tiny step that can mean a lot to the environment.

Filtered Water – Cheap, Pure and Good for the Environment

Yes, the initial start-up cost for a water filter looks expensive but when you calculate the cost of the water over a 12-month period, it is actually cheaper than buying bottled water. If you buy a 600ml bottle from a store, a conservative cost would be approximately $3.00. The price per litre of filtered water is much cheaper at less than a dollar.

Most water filters are manufactured in China where the use of low quality components are the norm. They usually will require a filter change every 6 months. Pacific Springs Natural Spring Water & Filtration mains connected systems are manufactured in America and are of the highest quality. Using the advanced filter protection of silver zeolite, a component that kills bacteria such as Staphylococcus and E.coli, means they only need a filter replacement every 12 months.

Stand alone systems are also available at competitive prices and are fully serviced year round. All you do is fill it when it is empty and Pacific Springs Natural Spring Water & Filtration Systems do the rest.

If you are in the market for office water, Pacific Springs Natural Spring Water & Filtration Systems can help get you out of this destructive cycle and into drinking clean, pure water within 1-5 working days of you placing your order.