Fluoride in Your Drinking Water

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From as far back as we remember, we’ve always had fluoride in our tap water. In Australia, which is one of many countries in the world with water fluoridation programs, more than 70% of the population have access to fluoridated drinking water. Even before drinking bottled water became a habit for many of us, fluoridation had already been a practice in Australia since December 1953, just two years after the United States implemented it. Tasmania and New South Wales were among the first areas to start putting fluoride in their water.

While other people have chosen bottled water, many of us, for years, continued to drink our recommended 8 glasses of water every day with the knowledge that fluoride in our water was good for us.

Advantages of fluoride

Fluoride is the thirteenth most common element in nature. It has been found to be one of the more efficient and economical ways to combat tooth decay, because it becomes part of the structure of the developing teeth when we ingest it. It also protects teeth when it comes in contact with the surface of the teeth. While it doesn’t repair cavities in teeth, it prevents acid produced by bacteria in plaque from breaking down the enamel (that hard, shiny thing that protects teeth).

More harm than good?

However, numerous research studies in recent years have suggested that fluoride may not be a good thing when added to tap water.

For example, a 1991 study by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention suggested that because fluoride’s benefit is only topical, it doesn’t need to be swallowed; thus, putting it into water does not offer added benefits. Other studies suggest that tooth decay continues to be a problem even in fluoridated communities. Moreover, scientific studies have pointed to evidence suggesting that fluoride in tap water can damage the brain, result in low IQ, affect the thyroid, damage the bone, and even cause arthritis.

You need to be certain

We all value the health of our family members, employees, and staff, and we can’t risk drinking fluoridated tap water that may impact our family’s and employees’ health. One solution to this is to find a reliable local Brisbane supplier that offers bottled water delivery. One such company, Pacific Springs, sources its water from a natural source under the ground. This water is fresh and clean, and it’s free from fluoride, which you get from tap water.

It’s true that you have to shell out a little more money for bottled water. At Pacific Springs, 15L bottled water is available at $11.00 and goes a long way, especially when compared with retail serving-size bottled water that costs almost a dollar per bottle. And if you think of the bigger picture—the certainty that your family members and office staff is drinking only clean, safe, and fluoride-free bottled water—the extra money you pay is more than worth it.

If you’re ready to make the shift from tap water to bottled water, call Pacific Springs and talk to one of their customer service associates to find out what other options you have. It’s always worth it to find alternatives, especially if it’s your health at stake.

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