Filtered Water for Every Location and Need

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Oranges in waterAs we become more educated about our drinking water, we know that having water filter systems is by far a wiser choice than drinking water straight from the tap. Many toxins and impurities are removed from our drinking water if it is filtered and we now have access to filters that can reduce the fluoride content that is added to our drinking water if you wish. Here are just a few of the filter systems available today and the locations they may be suited to.

Filtration cooler

Mains pressure drain-free units are quite popular in Australia. The filter only requires changing on an annual basis and the capacity is the same as a 3 single system. There are antibacterial contents in this filter, which is why the filter only needs changing once a year, so you know the water you are drinking is safe. They also have a 12-litre cooling reservoir which means cold water is always ready for you to enjoy and you have the option of hot and cold units too. These units are perfect in office settings or at home.

Self-fill filtration cooler

Ideal for use in offices who are unable to gain access to water mains, these water filters make use of silver impregnated granular activated carbon and ceramics to treat the water. They reduce odours, water borne sediments and chemicals that can be found in tap water as well as any unpleasant taste. The filter change requirements can vary depending on the quality of your water but a general rule is that they last 6 months.


Fantastic for small offices or use at home, the under-sink filtration system has around an 8 litre/hour cooling capacity and the internal waterways are stainless steel. Water filter systems such as this one are convenient as they are situated right at the sink where you may normally go for a glass of water and means you don’t have to find space to fit a stand alone or benchtop unit.


Just the kind of system you would expect to see in schools, gyms and places of work, the bubbler looks good but is incredibly tough. Connected to the mains system, bubblers are available in 10, 20 and 30 litre per hour. The filter used in the bubblers is the same antibacterial quality as the filtration filter so changes are only required yearly.

There are many more fantastic products available from your water filter systems specialist. A simple phone call with any questions you have will set you on the path to cleaner, healthier drinking water, so what are you waiting for?