How Do I Choose the Best Home Water Cooler for My Family?

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We all know how important proper hydration is for our wellbeing and one of the most convenient ways to get the quantity and quality of water we need each day is with a home water cooler. 

If you’re considering one for your home, you’ll have already seen there are a wide range of options out there so how can you choose the best home water cooler for you and your family?

Read on to find out how to choose the best home water cooler and why a home water cooler is a great idea for you and your family…

Is a Home Water Cooler Worth it?

Wondering why a home water cooler is a practical choice for your family? As an easy way to combine convenience and health, it gives you access to refreshingly clean water whenever you want it and can support your working from home needs, your kids’ water intake and even relieve the pressure on your fridge storage!

Let’s explore why it’s a valuable addition to your home…

1. A Working rom Home Game-Changer

A home water cooler is a game-changer for those working from home, ensuring you don’t have to leave your office for hydration. With cold and hot water readily available, your productivity stays uninterrupted, keeping you energised!

2. Hydration Made Fun for Kids

Keeping children well-hydrated can sometimes be a challenge – however, a home water cooler turns this challenge into a fun task that they all want to do! The presence of the cooler makes it easy for kids to grab a refreshing glass of water, making hydration a healthy habit.

3. Supporting Parents With Formula Fed Babies

For parents with formula-fed babies, having a home water cooler with a hot/cold tap option can be a great time (and sanity!) saver. With the ability to dispense safe water to the desired temperature on demand, the preparation process becomes hassle-free.

4. Embracing Sustainable Living

A home water cooler can also be a conscious step toward more eco-friendly living by reducing reliance on disposable plastic bottles. Water cooler bottles are also reused and refilled and they use less energy than traditional kettles for those with a hot/cold tap option.

5. Instant Hydration, Any Time

One of the main benefits of a home water cooler is instant access to pure high quality water at your preferred temperature any time you want it. A cup of soothing tea on a cold morning? Tick! A revitalising glass of cold water after a workout? Tick!

6. Reclaim Your Fridge Space

Your fridge no longer has to use valuable space to store water jugs and water bottles which means there’s more room for food which is always a good thing!

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Exploring The Best Home Water Cooler Options For Your Family

If you’ve decided that a water cooler is right for you and your family, before jumping to to decide 

which are the best water coolers for your home, there are a few factors that you should consider…

1. How much space do you have?

Depending on the amount of space you can surrender to your home water cooler will depend on the size you choose and whether you opt for a free-standing or benchtop option.

2. Do you want hot/cold tap options?

Do you want to have the ability for hot spring water to make instant hot drinks? If so, you’ll need to ensure you select the Hot & Cold Tap options when ordering.    the cooler you select has this option.

3. Will you have access to power nearby?

Power cools (and heats) your spring water so if you don’t have nearby power, you’ll need to be looking for coolers that dispense room temperature water, for example a ceramic pot.

4. What style will best fit your home?

Modern or traditional? Stylish black or crisp white? These are the types of style decisions you’ll need to consider when refining your choice.

5. Are you considering a filtered water cooler?

A filtered cooler dispenses filtered tap water so if you’re considering this (vs natural spring water) and you don’t wish to self fill the bottle by jug, you will need to ensure your cooler  can be placed close to a water supply.

Explore The Best Water Coolers For Your Family

Here at Pacific Springs we have a range of home water coolers that could be perfect for your family and each provide some unique benefits. From effortless bottle changes to room temperature options, let’s take a look at our spring water coolers…

1. The Prestige – Tailored To Your Home

The Prestige Spring Water Cooler not only adds elegance to your space but also offers the purest form of hydration – natural spring water. With options for free-standing and bench-top styles, it integrates into your surroundings and provides refreshing water and a touch of sophistication to your home office, living room, or kitchen.

Safety features like child-resistant hot water taps and concealed temperature controls offer peace of mind, it delivers the purest spring water at your desired hot or cold temperature, while also offering unlimited technical support and an annual maintenance service upon your request. 

2. The Hydra – Effortless Convenience

The Hydra Bottom Loading Water Cooler not only boasts a modern design but also ensures effortless refreshment. Its innovative design eliminates heavy lifting, making bottle changes a breeze. This cooler doesn’t just enhance aesthetics; it transforms the way you hydrate in your home office or any room you choose. 

The air-cooled static condenser operates quietly, perfect for maintaining a focused environment. Choose between chilled, room temperature, and hot water options to suit your preferences. 

3. The Urbane – Stylish Statement in Your Space

The Urbane Benchtop Spring Water Cooler combines style with convenience. Its compact bench-top placement optimises your workspace, while its use of pure spring water ensures you stay hydrated naturally. 

Enjoy the purest spring water with customisable cool/cold or hot/cold taps, catering to your personal preferences. With its child-resistant safety features, hidden temperature controls, and comprehensive support, including maintenance services and technical assistance, the Urbane Benchtop Spring Water Cooler becomes an integral part of your space, offering refreshing hydration in a sophisticated and compact package.

4. The Black Glacier – Classic Elegance, Modern Performance 

The Black Glacier Spring Water Cooler blends timeless elegance with modern safety and efficiency. Beyond its classic “roman column” style, it offers the advantages of both natural spring water and comprehensive safety features.

This rust-proof cabinet guarantees durability, while its approximately 5-litre cooling performance ensures constant refreshment. Safety takes centre stage with child-resistant hot water taps, ideal for both families and workplace environments.

5. Ceramic Pots & Stands – A Natural Approach to Hydration

The range of Ceramic Pot & Stand Dispensers offer the simplicity of room temperature spring water, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of spring water without the need for nearby power. Perfect for your home office or living area, it provides a simple solution for your family’s hydration requirements.

This versatile option caters to those who prefer their water to be naturally cool and comes with three different bases to seamlessly integrate into any setting; Timber Free Standing, Timber Bench Top, and Ceramic Bench Top.

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Ready To Choose Your Best Spring Water Cooler?

As you can see there are a lot of factors to consider and a lot of options when choosing the best home water cooler for your family so If you’re thinking about the convenience and quality of a water cooler for your family get in touch and we can walk through the options with you.