Hydra Bottom Loading Spring Water Cooler

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No more lifting and flipping heavy bottles! The Hydra Bottom Loading Water Cooler is perfect for your home or office with its stylish look and easy bottle changes.



The newest addition to our range of spring water coolers, boasting high level of quality and modern technology. The Hydra’s innovative bottom loading design makes bottle changes easy. You don’t have to lift or flip bottles to refill your cooler!

Future Spring Water Delivery

Take the stress out of filling up your trolley at the supermarket and let us take care of it for you. Get your spring water delivered to your door every 4 weeks for only $1.25 per delivery and $13.50 per 15 litre bottle bottle.

Once you become a customer, you will be placed on a delivery run every 4 weeks. We recommend starting with 1 x 15L bottle per person per month.

So if you have 4 people in your home, start with 4 bottles. If you have 8 staff in your office, start with 8 bottles.

This may or may not be your standard monthly order, but it will be a good way to see how long that amount of water will last you and work out how many bottles you will need between deliveries in the future.

When you add the Hydra Bottom Loading spring water cooler to your cart, 4 x 15L free water bottles will be added automatically for you. If you need more than 4 bottles, click here to add more to your cart (after you’ve added the cooler – rent only).

When you get your first water delivery, you will also receive a delivery calendar to show you when you can expect us each month. Your water will be delivered every month unless you have asked us to reschedule.


  • Satin white or black finish
  • Cold tank – 2.4 litre hygienic type 304 stainless steel for superior chilling. Highly polisheded, hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Hot tank – 1.5 litre type 304 stainless steel tank with 500 watt sheathed heater to ensure temperature control. The on/off switch is easily accessible at the back of the unit.
  • Cabinet – Gloss white or black colour. Front panels are moulded UV treated ABS. Side panels are zinc coated steel covered in polymer polyester resin.


  • Refrigeration – Gas R134A. The refrigerant flow is controlled by a capillary tube which has no moving parts. The compressor is hermetically sealed with an automatic overload protector. Lubricant is not needed.
  • Electrical – Certificate number 160793. 220v 50hz single phase. A 1.5 metre power cord is supplied. Full load current is 1.2 amps.
  • Condenser – Quietly operating, air cooled static type with no moving parts.


  • Cold tap – Approx. 4-9°
  • Cool tap – Room Temperature
  • Hot tap – Approx. 84-89°C


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