Prestige Mains Connected Filtered Water Cooler

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Get the Prestige Mains Connected Water Filter Cooler for your office, factory or home. Order now (Freestanding or Benchtop).



The Prestige Mains Connected Filter Cooler is plumbed into your water mains with no need for you to do anything, it is the hassle free option, no wonder why it is Australia’s number one selling, mains pressure, drain free unit.

Preferred because of their quality build, reliability and their huge, 12 litre cooling reservoir, they provide a cost effective means of supplying Cool & Cold or Hot and Cold water without the hassle of storing and changing spring water.

What Your Rental Includes

  • 24-month contract – Get your 1st year rental at $385.00 + GST, which is a 30% discount (the regular price of $550.00 + GST per year will be applied on the following years).
  • 12-month Contract – if you wish to only sign for 12 months please give our office a call to place the order
  • This is all you pay all year round- there are no add on prices
  • Installation to your water mains
  • Choice of style – Freestanding or Benchtop / Countertop
  • Choice of taps – Cool & Cold or Hot & Cold
  • 6 monthly change of twin Aquanet water filter
  • 6 monthly Clean and Sterilise of  your system
  • All servicing

YOU CAN RELY ON US – we will automatically turn up within the month of your service otherwise you will receive 1 MONTH FREE RENTAL on your system.

Why Choose This Product

  • Mains pressure (Drain-Free)
  • Available in Free Standing or Bench Top / Counter Top styles to suit your kitchen or work area
  • Available in Cool & Cold or Hot & Cold
  • Approximately 5 litres per hour cooling performance
  • Child resistant safety tap for hot water units
  • Matching cup dispensers available
  • Free Standing Dimensions 310mm (W) x 320mm (D) x 1050mm (H)
  • Bench Top Dimensions 310mm (W) x 320mm (D) x 630mm (H)


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