How Filtered Water Is Good for You

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Very few people are without a water filter these days. Whether it’s in the home or the office, more and more people are cottoning on to the benefits of drinking filtered water and having water filters added in their Brisbane homes and offices. If you are unsure about the benefits filtered water offer, keep reading to discover why drinking filtered water is good for you and why so many people are making the change.

In the first instance, we know of the obvious benefits of drinking plenty of water in general. Drinking water can help improve your concentration and aids in refreshing your body and mind. Drinking water can help reduce headaches, aid in weight loss and flush unwanted toxins from your body, which brings us to the next part.

What about the toxins that can be present in your drinking water? It is great to drink lots of water, but only if your water is clean, filtered and free of toxins.

Drinking water straight from the tap may seem cheaper in the first instance, however, if it makes you ill, this will no longer be the case as you will need to take time off from work and possibly see a doctor.

The water that is derived from taps can contain contaminants and approximately 2100 known toxins that are harmful to our bodies and health. Water filters will ensure your drinking water not only tastes better by removing bacteria and chlorine, it will smell more pleasant too and cost less than buying bottled water at the store.

Certain bacteria and contaminants in tap water can cause disease and illness that can be caused by giardia and cyptosporidium, filtered water will remove this bacteria making it safer to drink. By drinking water that is filtered, which has the chlorine and its byproducts removed, you are reducing the risk of bladder cancer, colon cancer as well as rectal cancer.

By choosing to add filtered water to your home or office, you are making your drinking water and water for cooking safer for you, your family and your co-workers. Because the taste is improved, it is very likely to encourage extra consumption of water which will in turn increase the health benefits.

If you think that drinking filtered water sounds like your cup of tea, or water, then you should get it happening today. Water filters and water coolers from Brisbane-based water suppliers usually offer a monthly cleaning and sterilisation of your water filter as well as filter changes every 6 months.

So what are you waiting for? Do your body and health a favour today.