Commercial Water Coolers: Reliable Source of Office Drinking Water

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Businesses and workplaces in Brisbane and Gold Coast need to provide a steady supply of fresh and clean drinking water to the people employed there. And while they can rely on water that comes out of their town water taps, that water is not always fresh or clean. Fortunately, you can get commercial water coolers, which offer many benefits for employees.

Commercial Water Coolers are Environmentally Friendly

Commercial water coolers use clean spring water in large 15 litre plastic bottles. While you could supply 600ml bottled water to your employees, that would create a lot of plastic waste every day. That is not environmentally friendly, nor is it financially feasible.

On the other hand, using a commercial water cooler is much better for the environment. That’s because the same large 15-litre bottles are reused once they’re emptied and recycled once they can no longer be used.

They Don’t Take Up Space

If you wanted to supply bottled water to your staff, you could buy them cheaper in bulk. However, you would need some space to store it. That’s a waste of space in an environment that needs to be used efficiently and with no clutter.

Using 15 litre bottles & a water cooler takes up less space, and can be kept in the office where your team works, or in the break room.


Studies have shown that people who stay well hydrated are more productive. When you’re dehydrated, you get headaches and feel lethargic. You definitely don’t want your team to be sluggish while they work, or suffer from headaches.

If adding a water cooler to the office will increase productivity, any business owner and employer would jump at the chance!


As mentioned, you could expect your employees to drink tap water, but not everyone is happy to do that. Municipal water is recycled and treated, and can sometimes have a chemical or chlorine taste.

If you want to provide drinking water that tastes good, is clean and healthy, using spring water with a commercial water cooler is the way to do it.

Commercial water coolers are incredibly beneficial. They provide water that is clean, fresh and healthy, with a great taste. Your team will be hydrated and productive, and can even choose between ice cold or hot water, depending on the water cooler you install.

With so many benefits, it makes sense to get a commercial water cooler for your Brisbane or Gold Coast workplace. Place your order with us today. Contact us right away!