Bulk Purchase: Spring Water Bags

Bag of Spring Water logoBOSwater is a 100% Australian owned Queensland based company offering spring water bags as an environmentally friendly alternative to bottled spring water, with the production and distribution capabilities to support the high growth energy and minerals sectors Australia wide.

BOSwater is a subsidiary of Pacific Springs Natural Spring Water Services, a bottled water and filtration company, operating as the largest solely owned bottled water and Filtration Company in Australia for 20 years. Thinking there must be a cleaner, greener and more convenient way of supplying and storing spring water brings BOSwater to the forefront of an exciting new innovation with spring water bags.

Why choose spring water bags over bottles?

BOSwater always provides the highest quality Natural Spring water. With its innovative 100% BPA free, Degradable and Recyclable Eco friendly spring water bag it has introduced a superior alternative to bottled spring water.

These superior BOSwater spring water bags are made with renewable resources from Biohybrid technology creating a recyclable and degradable material, meaning you can place BOSwater empty bags straight into your recycling bin after use.

Box of spring water bagsBOSwater spring water bags are light weight handled 11kg bags which comply with all your OH&S requirements.

With no bulky bottle racks or unsightly rows of empty bottles the BOSwater returnable crates or non returnable cardboard boxes hold up to 3 times more water. This means less storage space is taken up and the ability to hold more stock for those emergency situations are more possible.

BOSwater’s Green Promise means that when you purchase spring water bags you are helping your company and Australia to significantly reduce the carbon footprint effect, with 100% BPA free, degradable recyclable bags, less power and no wastage on fuel for collection of empty bottles, washing and sterilising bottles and returning to your workplace means we can all make a difference.

For more information and bulk purchases of spring water bags, visit the BOSwater site.